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Hello! My name is Sanya Yurchak my first experience in CG was in 1991 with the 3D Studio DOS
if a disorderly spheres and cubes creation could be called experience.

Next world-cracking thing was Animator\Animator Pro. After this I am deeply in my heart thought that all things I'll do they should be connect with CG. And every day of my life and to this day I try to get the best experience in it.

Three years ago I`m begin to learn how to create things with Editable Poly and started 3d modeling, then dive into the rest of: animation, compose, texturing, high-poly, low-poly, rendering, learn VFX and all such things. In this vein 2008 came to an end.

In early 2009 I first tried to sell their work on stock agencies, they were simple vectors, pictures and footage.

Almost 2 years working at the German firm Appoyo I am created interiors of various destination from industrial warehouses to the modern flats.

Early 2011. I have a permanent job. Create content for a company engaged in Kharkiv 3d light and holographic technology Promo-promin.
My main area include animation, VFX and some composing. Recent work can be found here and here.
My hobby is photo and video.
I am open for cooperation in any field, will accept any criticism.
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